Getting you on the Blockchain.

By 2025 every field will have been revolutionized by the blockchain.

Blockchain is a decentralised distributed ledger technology on which Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies are based. The uses for blockchain are numerous ranging from smart contracts to cryptocurrencies, digital identities, supply chains, auditing and many more... Whatever product you want to see on the blockchain we can help you develop. Visit our services section for more information

The Blockchain technology itself is applicable to absolutely anything curently on the internet and much more than we can imagine. At AGAR Development we enable your business to set itself apart from competition by becoming part of exclusive blockchain community. Our services range from smart contract developments, ICO(s) = initial coin offerings, development of DAPPS (Decentralized Apps) and many more...


In Blockchain we trust.

Blockchain is part of the new digital revolution about to take over the world and is, as we call it: Internet 3.0

The Ethereum network has set a new stepping stone to empower corporations worldwide. Thanks to smart contracts and to the tokenization of assets, real-world use cases for Blockchain become much more obvious, hence facilitationg the ubiquity of the technology. Applications developped on the blockchain have the advantage of having no central authority, indeed, every node on the network plays an equal role in operating and maintaining a trustworthy network through the use of consensus.


ICOs & Tokenomics, a whole new approach to our economy.

Coporate funding and the global economy have entered an new era.

Thanks to ICO Crowdfundings, start-ups and corporations of all sizes have now have a new crowdfunding option which has now taken over venture capital funding. ICO(s) enable anyone to own a piece of the value created by your company as opposed to owning equity in it, thanks to the use of tokens. The use and distribution of these tokens enables corporations to envision their financial management just as a separate economy.


One of a kind team.

We are a group of professionals whom's competencies are the utmost relevant to the blockchain

Whether it is our years of technical experience at Apple, Koolicar and other major institutions, our years of experience in the finance industry (let alone having the ex-CEO of Standard Chartered onboard), our knowledge of the Middle-East with over 15 years in the region, or our combined passion for the blockchain from its very inception, we were made for the blockchain. By combining Software Development with Finance, and adding everything that make us as unique as can be: The Blockchain was made for us and we are the obvious choice when it comes to Blockchain.


Benefits of Blockchain

Blockchain is the most advanced technology to date, here are some of its advantages:

Peer-to-Peer networks

Blockchain enables a whole new apprach to peer-to-peer networks with no central regulatory entity in place to control the network.

Decentralized & Distributed

On the Blockchain, every node in the newtork has a copy of the whole ledger and verifies every transaction constantly through consensus.

Community based regulation

As there are no central regulatory authority, the power is put in the peoples hands, and the community is regulated by its members.

Decentralized & Distributed

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology, meaning that not only is it decentralized but it is distributed accross all the nodes of the network.

Transparent & Auditable

Blockchain data is immutable, accessible to all, and is set in stone forever. Digital identities can be tracked while real identities stay private, transparency is key!


By using industry-leading encryption technology we can ensure security throughout all our products, the whole network and your future blockchain.

"It would take over 1 Quintillion years for the world's
most powerfull computer to tamper with the Blockchain."


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